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Toilet to Pocket
Toilet to Pocket

So here's the challenge

50 projects in 50 days to raise £ 1 million for famine relief in East Africa

We are all consumerists. The more you consume, the more you reject. By donating for famine relief in East Africa every time you go to the toilet, you'll remember that you're lucky enough to process food and drink.

“ How much time could you live without food and water? This little guy doesn’t have time to answer this question. ”

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

How can you help?

By participating with one of our 3 dashboards. Just download it, print it and make your moments more meaningful.

Download dashboards

  • Dashboard for your home
  • Dashboard for kids
  • Dashboard for your office

By donating the amount that feels right to you on this Unicef’s page

Or by following the link “Donate to this project” on the 50/50 Make or Break website: